Dominion Blames ‘Human Error’ For Machines Failing To Show Republican Ballots In 2020 Primary In Pennsylvania

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On May 18, Dominion had a major problem when voting equipment in one Pennsylvania county failed to display Republican ballots during a primary election.

Isn’t it funny how these “errors” only effect one political party?

The DC Examiner noted that Dominion Voting Systems, a company beset by dubious election fraud claims in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, said “human error” was to blame after machines in a Pennsylvania county failed to display Republican ballots.

According to the Times Leader, Nicole Nollette, Dominion’s executive vice president of operations, made the decision during a two-hour special meeting of the Luzerne County volunteer election board on Monday. This contradicts Director of Elections Bob Morgan’s statement last week that the accident occurred due to a “coding error” within Dominion during the local primary elections last Tuesday.

“Dominion deeply regrets the confusion this error caused,” Nollette said.

Local broadcaster Fox 56 reported that the Board of Elections in Luzerne County, situated in northeast Pennsylvania, said every vote was counted accurately. Republicans, in particular, have expressed reservations about the election’s fairness.

On the initial screen, all Luzerne County voters, regardless of party affiliation, saw a ballot only labeled for the Democratic primary, causing confusion. Even though they seemed to be Democratic on the screen, ballots would print as Republican. GOP voters were given the option of filing a provisional or emergency ballot, according to the electoral administration.

“Nobody did that intentionally,” Morgan said. “The moment we found out what the impact was we immediately sought to give advice to the public, and it is our desire to never have that happen again.”

“The ballot header typo had minimal impacts on the actual administration on the election and no impact to the results and the tally,” Nollette added.

Dominion then issued a statement that claimed a “ballot screen error” was present.

“Luzerne County’s election director has confirmed that there is a ballot screen error that is confined to the header on the viewing screen of the machine, and that all ballots are printing correctly with the Republican header and the Republican primary election races,” the company wrote. “As the county has reassured the voting public, all ballots will be correctly counted. We regret any confusion this has caused.”

Some leaders in the county called for a third party to conduct a forensic audit.

“These machines — their credibility is lost,” said Election Board member Missy Thomas on Monday. “The system is compromised.”

In the video, the county’s Republican Chairman said some Republicans just didn’t vote because of the confusion, saying they were frustrated and angry.

What a mess. I doubt anything will change though with regard to the state using Dominion, despite the poor reputation they are getting among voters.



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