Indian Villagers Flee Homes, Jump Into River To Avoid Covid-19 Vaccination

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According to reports, Indian villagers have been fleeing their homes and jumping into a river to avoid the Covid-19 vaccination.

A group of people in the small village of Sisaurha in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, jumped into the nearby Saryu river to flee from officials attempting to administer the vaccine.

According to the locals, people are dying as a result of the vaccine. “People have died even after being vaccinated,” a local farmer said. I’m aware of people who have had to go to the hospital as a result of the vaccine.”

mensxp reports: According to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Ramnagar Tehsil, Rajiv Kumar Shukla, at least 200 people from the village fled their homes due to fear.

This event happened after the vaccination team was approaching the residents to get them vaccinated. Even the officials had a tough time convincing these people.

They had to make these people understand the importance of getting the vaccination. They bust some myths around this subject, after which only 18 people were convinced. Some also called it a ‘poisonous’ injection.

Another resident named Mohd Ahsan was also reluctant to get vaccinated. He said, “Is there a guarantee that we will not get infected after the vaccine? There are many in adjoining villages who rushed to take the vaccine and then got infected. Why is the government pushing for vaccination-they should give it to those who want it,”

Another rumour that was doing rounds in the village was that the vaccine could lead to ‘impotence’, making the men not take it all.

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