WATCH: Dementia Joe Caught Telling A LIE That He Already ADMITTED Was A Lie Previously

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Dementia Joe was just caught telling the same lie in a speech today that he’s already admitted was a lie in the past:

Biden actually claimed in this video that his ‘great grandpop’ was a coal miner.

But the problem is he admitted back in 2004 on The Daily Show that he doesn’t have any family members that were coal miners and that this lie has gotten him into trouble:

“The truth of the matter is I’ve gotten myself in trouble. I might be president now if it weren’t for that I said I had an uncle who was a coal miner. Turns out I didn’t know anybody in the coal mines. I tried this crap…you know…it didn’t work.”

So what happened between then and now? Did Biden suddenly inherit a ‘great grandpop’ who was a coal miner? Or has Dementia Joe forgotten that he admitted this was a lie and decided to put it out there again? Or he just doesn’t give a flying flip because he’s finally achieved his life-long dream and become president.

The other side of this is that you won’t hear a peep from the media about this, even though they were all over Trump’s supposed lies, night after night, even giving lists of the number of lies he told. But now, like Biden, they don’t give a flying flip.



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