Politician Suspended By Twitter For Stating Fact That Men Can’t Get Pregnant

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Twitter’s fascists rulers have recently suspended a politician in Spain after he responded to an article about a ‘transgender man giving birth’ by, correctly, point out that men can’t actually give birth.

Before he could return to Twitter, he was forced to delete his tweet,

Fox News reported that Francisco José Contreras, deputy to Spain’s far-right Vox Party, was locked out of his Twitter account for 12 hours last week after saying “a man cannot get pregnant” because they have “no uterus or eggs.”

Contreras’ comments were in response to an article he shared on the social media platform about a transgender male who announced they were a father after giving birth to a baby girl.

Contreras said in a Facebook post on May 11 that he had received a message from Twitter which informed him that he had violated its policies on “hate speech” for the remarks.”

“The hateful tweet (which I was forced to delete) was one that said: ′′A man cannot get pregnant. A man has no womb or eggs”,” Contreras wrote in response to the move. “You can see this is already fascist biology. Next time I’ll try 2 + 2 = 4.”

According to Twitter, Contreras violated its policy against material that threatens, harasses, or fosters violence against other people on the basis of their race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or disease.

“Keep in mind that repeated defaults may lead to permanent suspension of your account,” Twitter warned. “Go to Twitter now to fix the problem with your account.”

So how exactly does stating a scientific truth “threaten, harass, or foster violence” against anyone? It doesn’t, yet Twitter made him delete the tweet before his account could be unlocked.

It’s become clear in recent years that the social justice warrior mob are the ones running Twitter, just as they do with Facebook. And it will only get worse from here regarding what you are allowed to say and what you aren’t.



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