DeSantis Isn’t Playing Around: Orders Pelosi’s Antifa Goons To Stay Out of Florida or Face ‘Severe’ Consequences

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Governor Ron DeSantis has issued a stern warning to Nancy Pelosi’s goons, Antifa, threatening the far-left group with “severe” and “swift” consequences if they dare enter his state.

Gov. DeSantis sent out a message that any far-left thug who intends to harm a person, their property, or police officers needs to stay the hell out of Florida.

The governor’s warning comes as Antifa mobs continue to spark civil unrest across Democrat-run states in America.

“I think if you look around the country, what happens is, like in Portland, these people riot every night. They go, they get their mugshot, and then they get put right back on the street to do it again,” said DeSantis. “That’s what we don’t want.”

“The minute you harm somebody else or you harm somebody’s property, you do those types of things, the only way we’re going to put a stop to it is to have very swift penalties for it,” DeSantis added.

“There’s a lot of places around this country that have not stood by law enforcement and the tragedy of it is, you’re seeing crime spike in certain parts of our country like we haven’t seen in decades. The people that are going to be most affected by that are the most vulnerable members of our society,” Governor DeSantis told reporters reports: Governor DeSantis mentioned that cities across the country are on the path to face devastating consequences as city leaders continue to incite lawless societies.

“It’s so good to have a good economy, schools, and all these great things we always fight for. All of that collapses if you don’t have public order and public safety,” said DeSantis.

“One of the reasons we are here today with the bonuses (for law enforcement) is because we know just how important that is. It tells people “hey if you are in Portland and you think you can come down to Florida and do this, stay out of our state!” We don’t want you coming down here and causing problems,” DeSantis announced.

“If anyone does cause these problems. If you try to burn something down, try harm anybody, but particularly a police officer during one these violent assemblies, there will be consequences,” said DeSantis. “They will be swift and they will be severe. They will be such that people who see that happening will know that’s not something that we want to do going forward.”

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