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WATCH: Holy S**T! Insane Machete Fight Caught On Camera In Gun-Controlled UK

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Well, you don’t see this every day. An actual machete fight was caught on camera and it’s absolutely nuts.

The incident comes from the United Kingdom, which has some of the harshest gun control laws in the the world. I guess they prefer their criminals to use knives.

Police officers were called to the scene in Morecambe at around 3.15pm on Sunday following reports of a fight involving two men carrying weapons.

The two bloodied men were later seen thrashing their weapons at each other as members of the public screamed in terror.

One of the men then went on to deliver a series of blows to his rival before he was joined by another person.

Two men, aged 31 and 26, have now been arrested on suspicion of assault, Lancashire Police confirmed.    

Warning, there’s some blood..

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