SCARY: Hillary Clinton Calls For Govt To Censor Conservatives And Critics Who ‘Cost’ Her The 2016 Election

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The Left and Big Tech are in a war against our First Amendment rights. And now former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is openly calling for Americans to be silenced with the power of the federal government.

Clinton denounced big tech for not doing more to censor viewpoints that she opposes. She claims a dangerous lack of censorship on big tech is leading to a rise in “populism and nationalism.”

In an interview with Rappler CEO Maria Ressa on Hold The Line, Clinton described herself as a victim of a targeted campaign by “bullies” to accuse her of “terrible things.” The former Secretary of State, who has an estimated net worth of $120 million, characterized herself as “paying a terrible price” to “stand on the right side of history.”

Clinton explained that just as the government regulated cigarettes to prevent lung cancer, big tech should reign in free speech to prevent opinions that she doesn’t like.

“Just like we had to rein in smoking once we learned that it caused lung cancer, we’ve got to rein in the tech platforms before they truly undermine everything that we believe in.” – Hillary Clinton

Hillary alleges that she was a victim of “Russians and Cambridge Analytica,” which caused her to lose the 2016 Presidential election. She further alleges that the Russian government aided Donald Trump and that people linked to the Russian government “hacked the DNC.” Clinton says that social media blindsided her party. She references the Obama/Trump scandal in which the Obama administration spied on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. However, Clinton says Obama did not do enough and should have made the information public. She also criticizes the media for supposedly not taking her theories about Russian more seriously.

She also goes on a tirade against Facebook. Saying that “the whole business model of the tech platforms, first and foremost Facebook, is to drive distrust, is to drive you through their algorithms further and further down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, falsehood, and to become almost captured by that system of distrust and disinformation.”

Rappler published an article, in advance of releasing the interview.

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