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WATCH: Armed Protesters Take Over Dallas Businesses, Threaten To Burn Them Down

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A large mob of armed Black Lives Matter extremists took over several Dallas businesses late last night, shouting at patrons and threatening to “burn shit down”.

The mob took over a restaurant in downtown Dallas, yelling at customers and staff. The BLM group interrupted everyone inside the restaurant who was enjoying food and drinks as they walked around chanting throughout the restaurant as they knocked drinks off of the table and intimidated the patrons.

They got in the faces of customers and staff, yelling “silence is violence, why the fuck are you quiet?”

The mob threatened to burn down businesses, chanting “who burn shit down? We burn shit down”

The mob invaded other businesses as well. Here one of them can be seen brandishing a rifle while the mob shouts at people around them.

The group started outside of the Dallas Police Department and made their way through the streets of Dallas as they chanted “fuck the police” and “if we don’t get it, burn it down!”

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