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WATCH: Reporters Confront Jen Psaki, Demand To Know Why Administration Is So Secretive Of Border Crisis

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As the immigration crisis on the border worsens every day, reporters demanded Wednesday to know why they have not been given any access to facilities housing migrants, and why border officials have effectively been placed under a gag order, as reported by NBC News.

During the White House press briefing, Jen Psaki was grilled by reporter after reporter on why an administration that promised transparency is doing the exact opposite.

“It’s now been three weeks since I think in this room, you were first asked about getting us some press access. Why [have] we still not [seen] any images inside these facilities?” one reporter asked.

After Psaki provided another non-answer, the reporter continued to press.

“We’re hearing from border agents that they’re frustrated that they can’t show us what’s actually happening along the border. They can’t do ride-alongs. They can’t answer questions about what’s happening inside. Certainly, it seems like there’s an element of secrecy here. Why?”

Again Psaki avoided the question.

Another reporter followed up, asking “Is The White House or DHS instructing border agents to refuse ride-along requests from reporters?”

Again Psaki avoided the question.

The reporter continued “[We] used to be able to get ride-alongs during the Trump administration, and you all came in and promised to be the most truthful and transparent administration, and you all oversee the Department of Homeland Security. So if you all wanted to grant access to the press, couldn’t you just tell the DHS to do it?”

Like an operative on a customer service call Psaki said the reporter should ask the DHS.

When another reporter asked “Is there a limit or a cap to the number of unaccompanied minors that are going to be allowed into the U.S.?” Psaki snapped back “So should we send some kids who are 10 back at a certain point?”

“I’m not setting the policy here,” there reporter replied, adding “I’m just asking you what the Biden administration’s policy is…what the end game is here?”

Psaki reeled off some numbers and then said “Our policy continues to be, we’re not going to send a ten-year-old back across the border.”

This is an unprecedented crisis caused directly by the undoing of President Trump’s border policies and the Biden administration either refuses to address it, or even blames Trump, who has been the only president for some three decades to somewhat successfully secure the border.

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