Climate Czar John Kerry Busted Violating Federal Mask Mandate, Now Under Investigation By Airline

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Joe Biden’s ‘Climate Envoy’ John Kerry violated CDC mandates by removing his mask almost immediately after boarding a first class flight from Boston to DC.

The former Secretary of State didn’t even wait until the plane took off before removing his face covering in violation of both American Airlines’ policy and a CDC mandate requiring masks on flights.

The purported violation of the federal mask mandate occurred on Wednesday as Kerry departed Boston. A photo, first published by The Tennessee Star, shows the climate czar appearing to read a book, his face completely exposed. According to the outlet, Kerry was not eating or drinking:

An eyewitness told Fox News that Kerry was wearing the mask at the boarding gate but then ditched it as soon as he got on the plane.

“I salute our Very Special Presidential Envoy for Climate for not flying private, but instead flying first class commercial with the rest of us common folk,” said the passenger, adding, “And while he can’t bring himself to follow his own party’s mask restrictions, we should cut him some slack.”

“Being an elite hypocrite is hard work!” the passenger joked.

After being alerted to the violation, American Airlines said they were investigating the matter.

There have been innumerable other instances of politicians who aggressively insist Americans follow mask mandates while themselves flouting them on a whim.

Joe Biden violated his own executive order on the day it was signed when his family took part in a photo-op on federal property after removing their masks.

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s rampant hypocrisy was exposed when he was caught on camera unmasked eating indoors at a Michelin star restaurant with a group of 12 people while telling Californians they could only celebrate Thanksgiving outside.

When Nancy Pelosi visited a hair salon in San Francisco, breaking rules that only allow service outdoors, she also removed her mask.

As Zero Hedge notes, “As ‘elites’ such as Gavin Newsom, Anthony Fauci and President Biden continue to make a mockery of their own pandemic guidelines, Americans are getting arrested at banks, tossed from restaurants and ejected from Costco for not wearing masks.”

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