Human Smuggling Attempt Captured On Live Video During Interview With Congressman About Border Crisis

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A human smuggling attempt by a Mexican cartel member interrupted Chip Roy’s interview at the Texas Border with Breitbart. (Full video below)

BREITBART – A group of migrants running into the streets of Laredo interrupted an interview between Breitbart Texas and U.S. Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) who was visiting the area.

During an interview at night near the banks of the Rio Grande, Congressman Roy was in the process of sharing some of his observations when the interview was cut short as a group of migrants ran north from the river toward a shopping mall in downtown Laredo.

“Run for the ladder, run for the ladder,” a cartel-connected human smuggler yelled from the river as the migrants ran north. The area of the smuggling attempt does not have any physical barriers such as fencing or walls, making the shallow waters of the Rio Grande the only obstacle.

As U.S. Border Patrol agents rushed to intercept the group, the smuggler from the river yelled at them to run back. Some were able to return to the river and make their way back into Mexico while authorities detained two males.

Federal law enforcement sources revealed to Breitbart Texas that during that night just inside the city of Laredo, authorities detained more than 100 migrants in a matter of hours.

Biden’s DHS Chief keeps telling us the border is secure and there is no crisis. But seeing these illegals brazenly attempt to breach the border while a Congressman is on the ground there doing an interview – well it speaks for itself.

I saw where Sen Cornyn this morning compared him to Baghdad Bob and to a CNN reporter:

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