STUNNING VIDEO: Biden DHS Secretary Openly Tells Migrant Parents “We Will Not Expel” Your Children If You Send Them Here Alone

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Even as border facilities are being overcrowded with record numbers of migrant children, the Biden administration seems hellbent on incentivizing and encouraging immigrants to continue sending their children across the border.

In a stunning and disastrous policy, the Biden Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has announced that Biden’s regime will encourage non-citizen children to cross the American Mexican border illegally without their parents.

During the CBS This Morning interview, Mayorkas claims that he does not want people to cross illegally, including children.  However, he then blatantly incentivizes children to cross the border ALONE by stating that the Biden regime “will not expel” them if they come alone.  In fact, he then doubles down, saying the administration’s policies will also “unite the child with the responsible parent.”

So, somehow Biden’s regime is claiming that he doesn’t want people to come across the border, but simultaneously stating that he will not only incentivize children to come alone but that America will then also bring their parents here as well?

Can you see the doublespeak drooling out of both sides of Mr. Mayorkas’s mouth?

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