WATCH: LGBT Activist And ‘Minister’ Calls Jesus A Repentant Racist — Will The Bible Be Cancelled Next?

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A TikTok influencer who claims to be a “minister” and “theologian” is potentially setting the stage for the woke-Left to cancel the Bible.

The ‘minister’, who calls himself ‘Rev. Brandan Robertson’ and has over 132k followers on Tiktok, claimed that Jesus was a racist who used “racial slurs” before “repenting”.

Before I debunk this, here’s what Wikipedia says about him:

“Brandan Robertson is a gay writer, activist, and minister, best known for his writing and commentary on millennials, social justice, contemplative spirituality, and his work as an LGBTQ activist among Christians”

I bet Pete Buttigieg would be right at home in Robertson’s congreGAYtion, because he says a lot of stupid stuff too when it comes to Christianity.

At any rate, the passage Robertson is citing where he accuses Jesus of being racist is from Mark 7:

Not only does this gay heretic claim that Jesus used a public slur when he compared the Syrophoenician woman to a dog, but he then argues that Jesus changed His mind, repented of His racism and chose to heal the woman’s daughter of a demon after the woman confronted Jesus and spoke ‘truth to power’. Seriously.

Robertson adds that he loves this story because it reminds us that Jesus was human and had prejudices and biases of His own.

There are soooo many things wrong with this I don’t know where to begin. First of all, Jesus wasn’t using a racial slur. Yes, the term ‘dog’ was considered derogatory even back then, but this had NOTHING to do with her race. Jesus was referring to the proper order of things, as my short Bible commentary explains:

First for the Jew, then for the Gentile. It’s really that simple.

Secondly, Jesus was incapable of sinning because it was against His divine nature. Jesus was fully man and fully God – yes! But the Bible is more than clear that Jesus was like us in all ways except sin. He did NOT have prejudices like we do, which are born out of sin. Therefore, Jesus didn’t change his mind because the Syrophoenician woman spoke ‘truth’ to Him. That’s plain idiocy. If Jesus changed His mind at all it was because or her great faith!

Lastly, this guy gives the name Robertson a bad rap. Just ask the greater Robertson, Phil!

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