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WATCH: Dr Fauci Has NO ANSWER When Reporter Asks “What’s The Science” For Refusing To Tell Vaccinated People They Can Travel

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Fauci was asked this morning on CNN about the science behind not telling vaccinated people they can travel:

I actually like how John Berman couches the question, noting that the Biden administration has said they will make their decisions based on science. He then asks Fauci: “What’s the science behind not saying it’s safe for people who’ve been vaccinated, received two doses, to travel?”

Fauci refuses to address the ‘science’. Instead he dodges the question and makes excuses for the CDC and their slow process on making these ‘judgement calls’, saying they are ‘carefully heading in that direction’ and suggesting that their next level of guidance on vaccinated people may be on traveling.

Why can’t Fauci answer the question directly and say that the science supports vaccinated people traveling, and even returning to normal life? Why is this so hard for the so-called ‘experts’ to admit? That’s the whole point of vaccinations isn’t it, to protect people from the virus?

Here’s a few unhappy responses from The Twitterverse:

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