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Biden Just Signed An Executive Order Making Transgender Surgery FREE For All Members Of Military

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We are now learning that Joe Biden made transgender surgeries free for all military and veterans in his January executive order, something Obama wouldn’t even do:

DC EXAMINER – Taxpayers will now foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery for active military personnel and veterans, with some treatments costing upward of $200,000 under an executive order signed by President Biden.

Tucked inside Biden’s Jan. 25 transgender order, “Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform,” is a clause that repeals an Obama-era policy that prohibited federally funded reassignment surgery. This was followed up by memos from both Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough specifically stating that surgery is now an added benefit.

“This revised policy will also ensure all medically-necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all Service members,” Austin wrote.

In a VA email to employees, McDonough echoed: “Perform an assessment of the necessary steps to eliminate the exclusion of ‘gender alteration’ (gender affirmation surgery) in the medical benefits package.”

These transgender surgeries are super expensive, by the way…

Neither official stated how much the added benefit would cost but rather pledged to undertake an analysis.

Online charts by the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery show a plethora of elective surgeries for both men and women that add up to $100,000-$200,000. Although Biden stated in his order that the cost of treating transgender troops would have minimal impact on healthcare costs, that is not borne out by a 2019 USA Today investigation. The news analysis revealed that the Pentagon spent $8 million to treat just 1,500 transgender military officials, which included hormone treatments and some surgeries. It was not clear why the surgeries were allowed at that time.

A federal study revealed that more than 15,000 service members and 134,000 veterans identify as transgender.

That last statistic is absolutely staggering to me. Our military is clearly getting woker and woker by the day, as these leftists will stop at nothing to corrupt and degrade our military from within – all in the name of inclusivity. It’s despicable.

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