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BREAKING: After Review, Apple Refuses To Allow Parler Back In App Store Due To “Racist Content” — Here’s A Bunch Of Racist Content I Found On Twitter

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Parler, the Free-speech alternative to Twitter, has been denied re-entry into Apple’s App Store after a recent review:

According to Bloomberg, Parler had made several internal changes before requesting review to Apple:

Parler, the controversial conservative social media app, was denied re-entry to Apple Inc.’s App Store recently after it was kicked off the platform in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, documents obtained by Bloomberg show.

On Wednesday, Parler LLC cut its three remaining iOS developers, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company eliminated seven workers in total, most of whom were contractors. The other staff worked on Parler TV and quality assurance, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing private matters.

However, Apple denied re-entry to their App Store due to “racist content” they allegedly found on Parler’s platform:

“After having reviewed the new information, we do not believe these changes are sufficient to comply with App Store Review guidelines” Apple wrote to Parler’s chief policy officer on Feb. 25. “There is no place for hateful, racist, discriminatory content on the App Store.”

Apple said that Parler’s new community guidelines, released when the service came back online Feb. 15, were insufficient to comply with the App store rules.

“In fact, simple searches reveal highly objectionable content, including easily identified offensive uses of derogatory terms regarding race, religion and sexual orientation, as well as Nazi symbols,” Apple wrote to Parler in a letter, a copy of which was obtained by Bloomberg. “For these reasons your app cannot be returned to the App Store for distribution until it complies with the guidelines.”

So, according to Apple, their standard is that they won’t allow a platform where any of its users post anything “racist”? So, given the fact that Twitter, Parler’s “not racist” alternative, is currently on the App Store, I can only assume that I won’t be able to find ANY “racist” content on it.. right?

Let’s test.

After a couple quick searches and about 3 minutes I found the following:

I think you get the point.

The fact is, Apple’s excuse for no allowing Parler back is complete and total garbage. There is an obvious double standard here for them to continue blackballing Parler, and I don’t believe for a second this is just about their app store guidelines.

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