Solomon: Criminal Charges Are Coming Against Those Involved In Russia Collusion Hoax After HUGE Break In Case

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John Solomon tells Maria Bartiromo that there’s been a big break in John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the phony Russia probe, which is that someone who was part of Comey and McCabe’s inner circle at the FBI has started cooperating with John Durham’s investigation:

Solomon says this senior FBI executive that is now cooperating with Durham has “opened up a tremendous amount of internal knowledge being able to describe the nuances of evidence.”

He also notes that the big question Durham is trying to answer right now is whether opening a false investigation and sustaining it with false evidence is a crime.

Solomon believes Durham is close to pulling the trigger on criminal charges, but he has to get permission from Biden’s justice department:

“Some of the witnesses I talked to and their defense lawyers feel like John Durham is getting ready to pull the trigger on some criminal charges. Again, he has to get permission from the Biden justice department – we’ll have to see if that happens. But all the signs are that they are moving toward criminal charges.”

If he does get permission, Solomon predicts we could see charges in the next six to eight weeks.

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