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  • Solomon: Criminal Charges Are Coming Against Those Involved In Russia Collusion Hoax After HUGE Break In Case


    John Solomon tells Maria Bartiromo that there’s been a big break in John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the phony Russia probe, which is that someone who was part of Comey and McCabe’s inner circle at the FBI has started cooperating with John Durham’s investigation: Solomon says this senior FBI executive that is now […] More

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  • President Trump DROPS THE HAMMER: Time To ‘Investigate The Investigators!’


    President Trump said the time has come to “investigate the investigators” of the Russia probe, citing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s finding no collusion. “Mueller, and the A.G. based on Mueller findings (and great intelligence), have already ruled No Collusion, No Obstruction,” Trump tweeted Monday. “These were crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, the DNC, Dirty Cops […] More

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