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WATCH: Teacher’s Union Boss Who Fought To Keep Public Schools Closed Caught On Camera Taking His Own Kid To Private School

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While the rest of us are being forced to keep our kids at home in the name of “safety”, the people in charge are continuously being outed for not following their own standards.

Berkeley Federation of Teachers president Matt Meyer was busted on camera taking his own child to preschool while also arguing alongside his fellow union apparatchiks to try to keep schools closed for other people.

Teacher unions have been shaking down Joe Biden for dirty COVID cash and pushing extended school closures.

“If you want to do the CDC recommendations around physical distancing, you probably need to hire more educators, and you probably need to pay for doubling the amount of school buses, you might need to double the number of bus drivers. And that costs money,” American Federation of Teachers spokesman Andrew Crook stated.

“State and local leaders cannot pick and choose which guidelines to follow and which students get resources to keep them safe. And too many schools do not have in place the basic protections that the CDC has said are universally required,” National Education Association (NEA) president Beck Pringle stated.

Meanwhile, children are suffering as parents who appear to believe the media and institutions lock them in isolation in their own homes.

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