WATCH: Journalist Gives Jim Acosta A Taste Of His Own Medicine At CPAC — ‘When Will CNN Cover Cuomo, Jim??’

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CNN’s Jim Acosta, who once relished his role as chief antagonist of former President Donald Trump, was caught off guard when a writer from The Federalist put him on the other side of relentless interrogation.

During an interview in the summer of 2018, Acosta defended his routine practice of shouting questions at Trump.

“Listen, if they want to send me to hell, I’ll still be shouting at the devil,” Acosta said to CNN’s Brian Stelter at the time. “We have a job to do. I’ve said this times before and I’ll say it again. They can kick us out of the briefing room, they can kick us out of the White House. We’re still going to do our jobs.”

But while conducting an interview Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, Acosta was interrupted by shouted questions directed at him. David Marcus, a correspondent for The Federalist repeatedly pressed Acosta about his network’s failure to cover the unfolding scandal enveloping Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York.

“Hey, Jim. I’m David Marcus from The Federalist. When are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?” Marcus says, even as Acosta attempts to brush him off.

Asked about his tactics, Marcus pointed out that someone who is notoriously antagonistic to conservative office holders has to expect such treatment when he comes to cover a conservative conference.

“The dude walked into the lion’s den,” Marcus said. “That’s clearly what he was doing here. And when you walk into the lion’s den, sometimes you gotta face the lion.”

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