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Gab Blacklisted By 3 Different Banks Due To “Bad Things The Press Has Written About Them”

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The alternative social media site Gab has been blacklisted and banned from doing business from three separate banks following pressure placed on the banks after smear campaigns by mainstream press.

In an interview with National File, Gab CEO Andrew Torba confirmed the “cancellation” of his company, saying that one bank specifically told him that they could no longer do business with the site because of “all the bad things the press has written about Gab.”

The removal of President Trump from most Big Tech platforms in the last few weeks of his presidency lead to a flood of users migrating to alternative social media sites like Gab. Gab alone received over 270 million visits in January, outperforming legacy media competition such as NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, Breitbart, and TMZ, by a huge margin.

As a result of its increasing prominence, the free-speech platform has been subject to many smears from the mainstream media in recent weeks, claiming that the site is an “alt-right social media network,” a “haven for extremists,” and even claiming that the site “leads to violence.

“Gab follows the law and operates a legal business in the United States,” Torba told National File. “We sell hats, shirts, and a software license to our GabPRO service. We have a community that respects law and order. Yet we have banks and other services banning us left and right.”

Torba encouraged anyone who believes in free speech to “seek out Christian banks and local credit unions, and to stop doing business with banks that do not share or support American values.” He argued that it won’t be long before “churches, businesses, and individuals who refuse the woke orthodoxy of critical theory that has consumed every corner of our culture” will also be refused service by banks.

“We must proactively cancel them all before they cancel us,” Torba concluded. The banks are not the first financial service to have rejected and “cancelled” Gab – in 2018, PayPal terminated their relationship with the free speech social network.

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