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WATCH: NewsMax Host Walks Off Set After Trying To Censor Mike Lindell’s Election Fraud Argument

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Is NewsMax already becoming another Fox News?

A Segment with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell went off the rails on Tuesday on the network after a shouting match ensued with one of the co-hosts of the network. Lindell was brought on air to discuss why he and the the MyPillow Twitter account were suspended from the platform, but things got off topic within seconds.

I hate just about everything from this interview.

The news anchor, for one, shouldn’t have been so pissy about Lindell mentioning the Dominion voting machines. He’d already read his disclaimer and should have just let it go. But instead he got all uppity about it. Then when his producers didn’t shut down the segment after Lindell started talking about it again, he got angry and stormed off. It seriously made him look like a b-list host in my opinion.

But I also think Mike Lindell shouldn’t have been trying to bully the host while he was reading the disclaimer. He even accused the host of trying to cancel him. And then when the host finally got his attention and asked him if he thought the ban would be temporary, Lindell responded that he wanted the ban to be permanent. Huh? So Lindell wants Twitter to cancel him?

The only thing I liked about the interview was the former Fox News host who tried to coral the interview to save it. She seemed like a consummate professional to me, unlike the other guy.

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