WATCH: Airman Refuses To Shake Jill Biden’s Hand — Twitter Races To Delete Video

A video of an Airman refusing the shake the hand of new First Lady Jill Biden is being widely shared.

In the video, Jill can be seen extending her hand towards the Airman in an attempt to shake his hand. However, the Airman doesn’t budge. He simply stares straight ahead.

Twitter has worked feverishly to delete every copy of the video, as we knew they would.

F to Jill Biden trying to shake the guard’s hand.

— Robert Bork III (@BobbyBorkIII) January 20, 2021


Luckily, we have a backup on Rumble:

This comes as members of the National Guard appeared to turn their backs on Joe Biden’s motorcade as it made its way to the Capitol after his inauguration:

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