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WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Sleepy Joe Saying “I Don’t Know What I’m Signing” Before Being FORCED To Sign Executive Order By Kamala Anyway

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With a stack of Executive Orders on his desk and surrounded by Kamala Harris and members of the new Administration, Sleepy Joe Biden is caught on a hot mic saying “I don’t know what I’m signing” before being order by Kamala to “sign it anyway”.

This comes amid nationwide concerns over Biden’s apparent cognitive decline. Could this be evidence that Biden is simply a puppet for a Kamala Harris Presidency?

The video shows Biden, without a note of humor, say that he has no idea what executive order he is signing. Another person then gestures toward Biden’s left hand.

Biden then proceeds to sign it anyway.

The this is not the first questionable situation we’ve seen in the first three days of the Biden administration. As seen in another video on Inauguration Day, Biden robotically stated aloud “Salute the Marines” as he and his wife Jill entered the Capitol. Biden never actually saluted the marines, as National File reported.

“The awkward interaction appears to have been prompted by someone communicating with Biden via earpiece,” National File reported. “Which has become a staple of the 78-year-old Biden’s public appearances due to numerous gaffes and instances of erratic behavior.”

Of course, Biden was plagued by gaffes and mental breakdowns during his Presidential campaign, leading many to wonder if he was suffering from early-onset dementia.

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