Biden Supporters Are Pissed A Missouri Gun Shop REFUSES To Sell Them ANYTHING!

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And here I was, fooled to believe that every Democrat was for banning firearms. Who knew that when the liberal news outlets quit worshiping ‘mass shootings’, when an anti-gun President had taken office, and when liberals felt ‘most empowered’ that they’d finally want to own a firearm?

Even more surprising was how triggered a gang of liberal gun-grabbers would become when they finally discovered that their money was no good at one Missouri gun shop!

Immediately following Joe Biden’s inauguration, Trigger Firearms & Reloading, in Jefferson City, Missouri, published a statement indicating the company will no longer sell munitions or firearms to his supporters.

“We don’t have guns or ammo for Biden supporters,” the gun store wrote on its Facebook page. “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

At least one commenter claimed to be a wealthy Democrat living in Missouri who supports the Second Amendment and felt disenfranchised.

“I had a few grand to spend on a small backup to my Springfield XD and some other gear and ammo,” wrote a masked Joe Shockley. “Good to know you don’t want my money because I don’t want a fake billionaire reality tv star as my president.”

Another Biden supporter joked about the fate of Parler, which was pulled from the Internet after Amazon, Google, Apple and a myriad of other vendors refused to do business with the conservative social media platform.

“Good to know. I only want to give my money to Americans, not domestic terrorists,” wrote Westjr E Larry, who claims to live in South Texas. “Don’t you have to be freaking out on Parler right about now?”

Some commenters appreciated the humor in refusing to sell guns to Biden supporters, who – being largely Democrats – have pushed for curtailments on the Second Amendment for decades.


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