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  • March Gun Sales BLAST Through Monthly Sales Records


    Gun sales exploded across the United States as the coronavirus pandemic spread, with retailers experiencing the highest sales volume in recorded history. More than 2.5 million guns were sold in March as fears over the effects of the coronavirus spread, according to an analysis of FBI background check data released Wednesday by Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (SAAF). The […] More

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  • Coronavirus Panic Reaching New Levels As Gun Sales SOAR In Asian-American Communities Over Fear of Attacks


    We have reached critical mass. The country is coming undone and the panic is setting in. Thanks to our wonderful media. Gun Sales Soar Among Asian-Americans After Virus-Related Attacks The threat of Covid-19 hate crimes across the country is surging this week as Asian Americans in San Gabriel Valley, a region east of Los Angeles, are loading […] More

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  • Democrats Threatening FORCED GUN GRAB Are Fueling A Frenzy Of Gun Sales…Go Figure!


    August gun sales were up 15% thanks to Democrats’ totalitarian demands for mandatory buybacks. Those who bought guns were Americans seeking self-protection and with deep concerns that President Donald Trump is on board with gun control. According to the Washington Examiner, the overall number of background checks recorded in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System surged 15.5%.  […] More

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  • Hogg’s Latest Anti-Gun Garbage BLOWS UP In His Face When The NRA Points Out His Critical Mistake!


    Bear with me, but I almost want to give David Hogg some credit. Despite becoming a literal human punching bag for everyone from holocaust survivors to schoolmate Kyle Kashuv, Hogg persistently continues to push his leftist narratives at any given opportunity. If his messages weren’t such nonsensical garbage, I would probably give him some semblance of credit. Hogg’s latest attempt […] More

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  • WOW! FBI Received Most Gun Background Checks EVER On Black Friday

    The FBI received the most background check requests for gun purchases in a single day on Black Friday. According to the FBI over 200,000 background check requests for guns were requested this year on Black Friday, which beat the previous single-day high of 185,713 on Black Friday 2016, USA Today reported. The number comes as Attorney General Jeff […] More

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