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Payback’s A B***ch: GOP Planning Biden Impeachment On Day 1

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What goes around comes around.

A new year has begun and a lot of changes are ready to take place for 2021. Come February, however, we may find ourselves wondering if we’ve been trapped in a sequel to Groundhog Day.

Joe Biden may feel overly confident walking into his first day as President, but he will soon find himself tasting a large dose of his own medicine.

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial could begin on Inauguration Day — but he’s not the only one who may face impeachment drama that week.

Just as Democrat Joe Biden takes the oath of office and begins his tenure in the White House, political allies of Trump have a plan to flip the impeachment on Biden.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-G.A., said she plans to file Articles of Impeachment on Biden the day after his presidency begins.

“I would like to announce on behalf of the American people, we have to make sure our leaders are held accountable, we cannot have a President of the United States who is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, foreign Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies,” Greene told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly.

“So on January 21, I will be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden,” she said.

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