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WATCH: Matt Gaetz Gloriously Brings The Hammer Down On Dem Hypocrites Over ‘Riots’

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Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida ripped into Democrats for their hypocrisy on rioting and political violence when addressing the House Wednesday during the impeachment proceedings.

Democrats and a handful of Republicans joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s charge to again impeach President Donald Trump. They received more than the necessary votes for impeachment. The matter will now move to the Senate for a trial that will likely occur at a date after Trump exits the White House.

Trump will now carry the distinction of being the only president to be impeached twice — a benchmark he should carry proudly, considering his opposition.

Democrats impeached Trump by a margin of 232-197, The New York Times reported. Every Democrat voted for impeachment, while 10 Republicans begging to be primaried also voted in favor to hit trump for “incitement of insurrection” over the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

Democrats didn’t waste any time with their political ploy, impeaching him seven days after some pro-Trump demonstrators breached the Capitol building during last week’s congressional session to certify the Electoral College results that made former Vice President Joe Biden President-elect Joe Biden.

In any event, the hypocrites that are the House Democrats blamed the president for the incursion, which he has disavowed — as have other Republicans. The party of rioting has yet to disavow the countless riots that occurred in the country last year, which were actually supported by some Democrats.

Others were simply mum as American cities burned.


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