ELECTION CRIME: Trucks Photographed In GA Advertising “Vote Democrat, Get $1200”

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We are all aware at some very shady business in the Presidential election, but the Democrats aren’t even hiding their attempt at stealing the vote down in Georgia. In fact, they are flaunting it.

Box trucks advertising a message “Vote Democrat. Get $1200” were spotted and photographed all around Georgia.

Now, I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but even I’m sure that’s not legal.

It all comes from a website called

The site looks like this:

Now maybe we see what’s happening in Georgia….

I wonder if they’re using all that Zuckerberg money to pay for each $1,200.

It’s apparently funded by “relationPAC”.

Their Instagram page shows their trucks and messaging.

In their YouTube video they write “While that may feel provocative and transactional to some, the truth is obvious. A Mitch McConnell led Republican majority in the Senate is a proven ball and chain to giving Americans the stimulus relief they desperately need. And with Democrats leading in congress and the White House, direct financial help is on the way.”

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