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  • ELECTION CRIME: Trucks Photographed In GA Advertising “Vote Democrat, Get $1200”


    We are all aware at some very shady business in the Presidential election, but the Democrats aren’t even hiding their attempt at stealing the vote down in Georgia. In fact, they are flaunting it. Box trucks advertising a message “Vote Democrat. Get $1200” were spotted and photographed all around Georgia. Now, I may not be […] More

  • Democrat GA Senate Candidate REFUSES To Denounce Marxism And ‘Income Redistribution’


    With one month to go until the Georgia runoff elections that will determine who controls the Senate, one candidate is being made to feel the heat over his extreme views.  Democrat Raphael Warnock is cut from the same cloth as Barack Obama’s longtime minister, the hatemongering, America hating Jeremiah Wright and he has a history […] More