BREAKING: Nevada Forensic Audit Of Dominion Machines Matches Michigan’s Finding Of ‘Systemic, Purposeful Fraud’

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A forensic examination of Dominion voting machines in Clark County, Nevada, which included Las Vegas, found an alarming rate of error in scanning ballots. The rate was similar to the ones found in machines in Michigan.

100 Percent Fed Up came through with more details: 

The report says the system was found to be “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

This morning, President Trump retweeted an internet sleuth who shared a screenshot from the Clark County, Nevada report on Dominion Voting machines. The screenshot is of a statement made by Clark County election officials that claims “about 70% of the ballots are sent to be reviewed by election officials.”

“Kanekoa” points to the findings in the Antrim, Co. Michigan forensic examination of 16 Dominion voting machines that, not surprisingly, came up with almost the same number of ballots that had to be sent to election officials to adjudicate or “review.” Remember, the adjudication rate that was set in the Antrim, Co. Dominion machines was 68.05%!

If we had an honest media, this would be front-page news. Instead, news about how the imaginary “President-Elect” Biden is planning to fill his administration with the same people Barack Obama relied on to fundamentally transform the United States of America is headline news.

The Gateway Pundit had more: 

The Dominion machines were set up to dispute 68.05 percent of all ballots. These ballots were then sent off to “another location” where people in other locations could change the votes. 

This is election fraud.

And now it appears this was not an isolated incident by Dominion voting machines.

The same thing happened in Clark County Nevada — Las Vegas.

Clark County, Nevada election officials also *HAPPENED* to report an error scanning “ABOUT 70% OF BALLOTS”

As Attorney Matthew DePerno noted that this Dominion voting setting was an “intentionally and purposefully” setting error.

President Trump tweeted this morning about these tremendous problems being found with voting machines.

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