Black Rifle Coffee Gets Hate From All Sides After Disavowing Kyle Rittenhouse

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The veteran-owned coffee company Black Rifle Coffee has been accused by conservatives of “caving to the cancel culture mob” because of how it handled criticism pertaining to alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse.

After being bailed out of jail this past Friday, Rittenhouse posed for a photo while wearing a Black Rifle Coffee Company-emblazoned t-shirt.

As the photo went viral on Twitter, outrage and hatred emerged from left-wing zealots who believe without evidence that Rittenhouse is an unrepentant murderer.

One of the conservatives who shared the photo, non-establishment journalist Elijah Schaffer, reportedly included a discount code for Black Rifle Coffee in his tweet. This led to accusations that the company was sponsoring an alleged “murderer.”

The evidence in the case in fact strongly hints at Rittenhouse having been an innocent teen who’d fired in self-defense after being violently attacked by left-wing extremists.

Look at a copy of the viral photo and some of the backlash beneath it:


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