BREAKING Video: Hacker Demonstrates How Easily Voting Machines Can Be Forced To Change Votes After Dominion Claims It’s Not Possible

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After a spokesperson from Dominion Voting Systems publicly stated that their voting machines were secure and hacking them was impossible a video surfaced showing a hacker demonstrating how easily he could access the voting machines to change votes.

The video from Now This News shows the entire process of hacking the machines and and blows away the claims by the left that there is no shenanigans with votes in electronic voting.

This is one of several examples of hacking and fraud that can occur using electronic voting systems. Of course, the video immediately below doesn’t show a Dominion System, but Glenn Beck’s tech expert investigated hacking into the Dominion system (see video below).

This morning, a spokesperson for Dominion Voting Systems spoke with Eric Shawn on Fox News and claimed no funny business happened during the election. Does anyone believe this guy? No… If Dominion is so sure there was no hacking, why did they abruptly cancel a Pennsylvania meeting to discuss the election irregularities?

Jeff Brown talks about how it is quite easy to hack into these Dominion Voting Machines, especially if connected to the Internet as reports on Detroit and others are surfacing. Very timely information… Troubling indeed that our elected officials, when selecting voting technologies, overlooked these glaring and publicly available flaws in their security design…

Hacking into a voting machine:

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