CNN Publically Shames GOP Senators For ‘Not Congratulating Biden’ For His Illegitimate ‘Victory’

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CNN has been inundating TV with nonstop garbage about Joe Biden being ‘President Elect’. As far as they’re concerned, their word is gospel and we should all fall in line with it.

The problem is, Democrats have showed they will stop at nothing to steal the election and Republicans aren’t buying any of CNN’s BS. Therefore, CNN has taken it upon themselves to publicly shame GOP Senators who have not congratulated Joe Biden’s illegitimate ‘victory’:

“GOP Senators who HAVEN’T congratulated Biden”. Seriously? HE HASN’T WON YET!

It’s not just CNN though, it’s so-called journalists too:

These people are so full of themselves. They try and destroy Trump for the last four years – every freaking day – but the moment they declare Biden the victor, even though the election is being contested, Republicans must bow down and kiss his ring.

This is why people hate the garbage media. They are Democrat clowns posing as journalists.

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