Addressing Software Glitches Moves Election Closer To Valid Trump Lead

As of today, Trump is now officially within half a percent of winning Arizona with 98% of the vote counted in the state:

Which means he’s exactly 14,746 votes from tying Biden. According to 538, there are still 62,000 ballots outstanding, of which 37,000 are provisional ballots. They note that Trump would have to win 62% of the remaining ballots in order to win the state and they suggest that’s unlikely.

Regarding Pennsylvania, Kevin McCullough said all the vote counting glitches have amounted to a spread of 52k votes, which would put the state firmly back on Trump’s side:

That’s a lot of software glitches. I don’t know if these glitches have been officially confirmed, but if they are that will be huge. Right now the official difference in PA is 46,002 votes.


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