Donna Brazile Laughable Tells Trump Supporters That Biden Has Their Back

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Among those who were reduced to slobbering goo over Kamala Harris becoming the first Black woman to be declared — some would suggest prematurely — vice-president-elect of the United States on Saturday was the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee and current Fox News contributor, Donna Brazile.

It was a sight to behold, tears streaming down Brazile’s face as she struggled to get the words out during a segment with hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum. “As a woman of color, as a Democrat, your thoughts on this day?” Baier asked Brazile, who took a few seconds to compose herself.

“To get votin’ rights… to be those who just waited and waited for our turn… it’s been a long time coming. I thought about my mom and my grandmother this morning; they didn’t have the right to vote. But I did. I spent all my life believing that the right to vote was the key to our future.

“And because of the American people […] those who did not see color, to those who believed it was about competence and just giving everyone a seat at the table’ this is not about asking anyone to leave the room. Just scoot over and let women also share in the leadership of this country. I’m so grateful that this moment has come.”

Brazile also talked how Biden is going to “unify” and “bring the American people together.”

“I’m deeply happy, gratified, rejoicing, but I’m also well aware that this country, we still have huge divisions. I think. If there is a mandate (Democrats’ current favorite buzzword) out of any of this, it’s a mandate to unify our country, to bring the American people together.” (Never mind that Brazile spent four years trashing Trump.)

So what role does Brazile see for herself in helping to heal the Great Divide?

“I’m going to be that person inside the Democratic Party that says there are friends on the other side that cares about this country like us,” she said, adding that she was going to write an “open letter” to Trump supporters.

“I hear you, I hear you. I’ve been part of the Fox family. I hear you, I understand many of your worries and concerns. You are not going to be left out of this. If we don’t hear them, they’re going to spank us and kick us out in two or four years.”


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