GINGRICH/TRUMP: Media ‘Collusion’ Declared Biden The Victor

“The media pack has declared Biden won,” Newt Gingrich said on Twitter, Saturday. That’s a fact. Just before Giuliani was set to give a presser exposing even more evidence of problems and discuss real legal challenges brought by the Trump team in court, the media in mass did a narrative coup, to steal his thunder and declare Joe the winner.

Gingrich and President Trump lit into it on Sunday morning. It’s not over, despite the fix being in, and when you hear it laid out it’s crazy they have declared this thing over. First, here’s Newt from yesterday:

It’s crazy. Those are actual facts, y’all. The margins are thin, recounts are ahead, votes are in dispute, lawsuits are pending. Facts. But everyone in the “count every vote” media completely ignores those facts.


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