The Squad Is GROWING, Adopt BLM Activist Into Their Ranks!

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If the 2020 election teaches us anything, it may be that post-Obama America is no longer the country Baby Boomers grew up in — but then, the far left’s domination of media, education, pop culture and the entertainment industry has a tendency to do things like that.

Look no further than the election Tuesday of an activist from the oft-violent Black Lives Matter movement to Congress, coming in the very district where 77-year-old former police chief David Dorn was gunned down during the recent George Floyd riots.

Cori Bush, who was “heavily involved” in the Floyd protests, according to Fox News,  became the state’s first black congresswoman, winning “a whopping” 84% of the vote in the state’s 1st Congressional District.

Her district represents Ferguson, where Michael Brown was shot and killed while violently attacking a police officer who was forced to defend his life, according to a Eric Holder-led Department of Justice — this being ground zero of a movement that terrorized the nation for nearly a year over the proven lie, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”


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