BREAKING: Supposed ‘Glitch’ In Michigan County System Skewed Total, Giving Biden Thousands Of Extra Votes Intended For Trump

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Early today, the AP called Michigan for Biden, but the state is far from certain and remains in the “too close to call” category. Something fishy, however, was caught in Antrim County, which is just northeast of Traverse City, as the results didn’t seem right to some people compared to how the county voted in 2016:

The situation is being looked into, according to the county clerk’s office:


According to unofficial results early Wednesday morning, the reliably red county turned blue by quite a bit.

Early Wednesday morning, unofficial results were announced showing Antrim County went strongly for Democrats across the ticket.
In a statement, the clerk says they expect to have a clear answer and plan of action by Wednesday afternoon. Until then, they are asking everyone to bear with them.

A correction would mean more votes for both Donald Trump and John James:

Just an honest mistake, we’re sure…

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