BREAKING: Senate CONFIRMS Amy Coney Barrett As Newest Supreme Court Justice!

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The United States Senate has just confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as the newest Supreme Court Justice, filling a vacancy left by the late Justice Ginsburg.

Barrett’s appointment is something many of us have been waiting on for a very long time. This is a huge moment in the history of the Supreme Court because her confirmation clinches a so-called conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Many pro-life advocates have championed for Barrett, anticipating positive corrections to the many lives lost due to legalized abortion thanks to Roe v. Wade.

It was President Trump who nominated Amy Coney Barrett and kept his promise from 2016 to nominate non-activist Supreme Court justices, he has not disappointed. If Roe v Wade ever does get overturned and abortion law goes back to the states it will be the legacy of this president, Donald J. Trump. That day can’t come quick enough.

Justice Barrett will be sworn in around 9PM at the White House.

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