WATCH: Cuomo’s Anti-Semitic Policies Lead Police To Harass Jewish Man At His House

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This is unreal. Ramapo police officers in New York harass a Jewish man for having too many people in his home in Ramapo, NY:

The officer clearly says in the video “we had a complaint about vehicle parking in the front. Then I look up and you have over 10 people in a crowd!”

The home owner asks the officer what is the issue, noting that it isn’t a party and there isn’t any music playing, that he just has a few friends over. The officer starts to answer but then relents, perhaps out of frustration. It was almost like he just didn’t want to say it out loud.

Now look, we don’t know the full story from just this video, but I think we know enough from what the officer says to say this looks really bad. But I don’t necessarily just want to jump all over the officers here, because I suspect they are just doing their job. This is what Cuomo and Democrats have done to the state, forcing police officers to do this kind of garbage over onerous COVID restrictions.

If I found out more, I’ll let you know.

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