WATCH: Former Obama FBI Asst. Director Suggests We Destroy Democracy So “People Like Trump Can Never Be Elected Again”

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A former top FBI official under President Obama stated that the FBI didn’t do enough to stop Donald Trump from becoming President, a laughable statement given the FBI’s Russia conspiracy. He then suggested that the FBI destroy the democratic process by stepping in to “vet” Presidential candidates with a “bipartisan commission” to keep “people like Trump” out of office.

“We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again,” said Frank Figliuzzi, who was briefly the assistant director of the FBI under President Obama.

During a discussion on MSNBC about Trump’s taxes Thursday morning, Figliuzzi opined that the president’s supposedly dire financial situation made him “vulnerable” to certain entities like {{{Russia}}}.

“He is the most vulnerable president in our history in terms of compromise and potential exposure to those who want to help him dig out of this financial pit in return for a price,” Figliuzzi said. “And that’s where the national security problem comes in.”

The former G-man added—without evidence—that the president was “entangled with Russia and the former Soviet Block,” therefore he was potentially involved with Russian organized crime figures too.

“We need to have a national discussion about how we vet a presidential candidate,” Figliozzi declared. “We screwed this up.”

He suggested that the media in 2016 didn’t dig “deeply enough” to find dirt on Trump, and added “it’s time to have a discussion about a bipartisan committee that demands tax returns. Make that a requirement.”

Figliozzi said the task of the committee would be to expose “financial pictures”of the candidates.

“We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again,” he concluded.

Figliuzzi, now a national security contributor for NBC News, once called for a criminal investigation of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) when he was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and was set to release a memo on the FBI’s surveillance abuse. Corrupt current and former members of the intelligence community, and their allies in the media deeply opposed the January 2018 publication of the Nunes memo, arguing disingenuously that it was misleading and would compromise “sources and methods.”

Nunes’ memo would eventually be corroborated by the DOJ inspector general’s report on the FBI’s surveillance abuse, which implicated many bad actors at the FBI, as well as their willing accomplices in the media.

Not surprisingly, Figliuzzi, who left the Bureau in 2012, has been an enthusiastic peddler of the Russia collusion hoax.

n August of 2019, Figliuzzi on MSNBC compared Trump supporters to members of a terrorist organization and floated a conspiracy theory that Trump was sending out secret coded signals to white supremacists.

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