Treason Is The New Liberal – Public Univ. Professor Cranks Out Chinese Propaganda

Jonathan Bartlett illustration for Foreign Policy
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If Orange is the new black, treason is the new liberal. Far-left liberals have made clear that their ideology and the American way of life are not compatible.

This very point was clearly demonstrated when the Washington Free Beacon reported that a professor from a public university was pumping out Chinese propaganda, working to delegitimize the United States.

That means that a higher education employee, paid partially by your tax-money, has been working for the bad guys in hopes of destabilizing America in order to more easily spread liberal nonsense.

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) professor Joel Wendland-Liu has written multiple articles for China Global Television Network (CGTN), which is owned and operated by the Chinese government. According to detailed reports from the Guardian, Beijing has purchased several media outlets to “tell China’s story well” as part of a larger worldwide propaganda campaign. CGTN is one of them. It pushes an anti-capitalist, anti-American narrative that many experts believe advances the Chinese Communist Party’s global influence.

Wendland-Liu has written several articles for the site, including one that conflates Trump supporters who disapprove of mask-wearing with those who support Nazis and police brutality. He also writes for an American communist outlet called People’s World, wherein Wendland-Liu routinely criticizes white people for being committed to American capitalism (Wendland-Liu is white).  On Twitter, the professor even promoted a Chinese propaganda campaign that claims Western governments are levying “false allegations of genocide and slavery” regarding the imprisonment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

A GVSU spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon that the school did not object to the professor’s role at either outlet.

Funny how liberals can always find a way to “justify” another liberal’s actions as “their views/free speech” when it helps to promote their agenda.

Suffice to say that had a “conservative” professor written for a foreign entity to sow distrust amongst Americans and to promulgate far-reaching extreme views, they’d have their pitchforks ready to go!

The Free Beacon continued:

GVSU College Republicans board member Trevor Blood said the university is condoning the actions of the Chinese Communist Party.

“By not condemning this behavior by its staff, Grand Valley is inherently condoning these actions,” Blood told the Free Beacon. “To say I am disappointed in [GVSU] would be an understatement.”

Clearly, China has corrupted much of higher education by way of funding. This not an unusual tactic but definitely a concern that Congress should take far more seriously.

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