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Not Surprisingly, Irresponsible Nancy Pelosi Is Inciting Violence Against Police

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Either Nancy Pelosi is a big fan of violence against law enforcement personnel, or else she is the most tone-deaf politician of all time, which in and of itself would be a singularly epic achievement. Of course, there is the genuine possibility that both of the above statements are accurate, but before passing judgment, let’s examine the evidence

Not one to allow facts get in the way of a police hating narrative, Pelosi is guilty of using the body of a dead young woman as a prop in the Speaker’s campaign to increase violence in the country to the nth degree possible.

Without question, racial tensions in this country are at an all-time high. Yet, Speaker Pelosi continues to fan the flames of these tensions in an apparent hope that the mindless violence her actions generate will assist the Democrats in their quest to win some seats in Congress or something.
Accussing the police of “murder” tops the ever growing list of actions that define an amazing lack of anything resembling leadership or integrity

Pelosi is far from a novice when it comes to stoking the furnace of unrest, whether it be racial tensions or class warfare. It wasn’t that long ago that she was singing the praises of another band of violent misfits, a group that is rightfully considered a precursor to ANTIFA, the infamous  Occupy Wall Street movement

But it her most recent actions, it appears as if the Panderer of the House may have overplayed her hand as recent reports clearly demonstrate that America has tired of these never-ending, and increasingly violent protests

More than 100 days of mob violence in American cities is starting to wear thin with the American people, a new poll shows.

Back in June, just weeks after George Floyd’s death by a Minneapolis police officer, more than half of Americans approved of say-their-name protests being waged in cities across the country to protest police violence and call for justice.  

Now, four months after Floyd’s death, an Associated Press/NORC poll finds that the number supporting the demonstrations has plunged to only 39 percent from 54 percent.

Forty-four percent said they disapprove, meanwhile, which politicalexperts would call being “underwater” with the public.

Hopefully, the voters of Nancy Pelosi’s district tire of her antics as well

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