BREAKING: Damning Video Surfaces Showing Joe Biden Calling U.S. Troops “Stupid Bastards”

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A video surfaced on social media Friday of presidential candidate Joe Biden speaking in front of U.S. service members and appearing to call them “stupid bastards.”

Then-Vice President Joe Biden instructed military servicemembers to “clap for that, you stupid bastards” during a March 7, 2016 speech at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. Biden’s off-the-cuff insult to our men and women in uniform undercuts any credibility Biden claims to have as a potential commander in chief.

Biden then appeared to say that the soldiers “must be slow” and called them “a dull bunch.”

“Wow. Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden called our troops “stupid bastards” in 2016. How did this video stay hidden for so long? There’s only one stupid bastard in this clip and it’s definitely not any of our troops…”

Biden is under fire for various wrongdoings, including his unwarranted kissing and sniffing of women and his public groping of children including Democrat senator Chris Coons’ daughter. Now that Biden’s true feelings about the military are out in the open, it seems implausible that he will be able to compete with President Trump on gaining active-duty or veteran votes. No wonder, then, military ballots are being tampered with in America’s heartland.

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