AOC Plays The Only Tune She Knows: The World Will Die If Trump SCOTUS Pick Confirmed

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If AOC was a musician, she would be a one-hit-wonder. Some may remember her temporary Youtube fame, where an animated short herald her and the Green New Deal as the saviors of the world. Impending doom was upon us and only a radical socialist agenda could save us.

That time came and went, just like a flash in the pan. But AOC isn’t unlike most doomsday prophesiers. Give her some time to recalculate her math and she’ll be back attempting to make waves with a new revelation.

That’s exactly what she did Sunday night as she stood beside Chuck Schumer. Basically she said the world would end if Republicans put another judge on the Supreme Court. What an eyeroll!

AOC is batshit crazy. She claims that everything from ‘reproductive rights’ to labor rights to healthcare and the climate are “on the line”. She adds in voting rights too, and calls for an unprecedented mobilization of people against an ‘early’ nomination.

She also tells McConnell, while standing beside Schumer, that he’s playing with FIRE:

Here’s AOC telling her constituents they need to be ‘reaaa-dy’ to be ‘responsive’:

To be clear she doesn’t explicitly call for anything more than calling Senators, but this kind of unhinged rhetoric is only going to end in more riots, more businesses looted and destroyed and more people killed. But Democrats don’t really care as long as it stops the nomination process. Whatever it takes!

But they should care because it’s one of the biggest reasons more Democrats are jumping on the Trump train. I just hope that Trump is willing to use the insurrection act in the event that we have riots all over the country, which seems likely given the toxic environment Democrats have created. It’s what a law and order president would do.

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