Chicago Proves One Thing: Liberal Run Cities Are Death Traps

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Democrats want you to believe they are the party of the humanist. Free homes, free jobs – if you want one, but no pressure – free food, and free healthcare are just some of these promises. They claim to champion a better, more equitable life – except for the unborn of course – breaking the bonds of ‘America’s original sin’ and eliminating guns from the public.

Man, sounds nice huh? By those promises we should see San Francisco and Chicago residents living heaven on earth! No strife, no hunger, no poverty? That’s not reality though.

One wouldn’t have to walk far down the streets of San Francisco to see rampant poverty and homelessness. Along with it has come rampant illness and some of the worst living conditions on the planet! Portland is burning on a daily basis as liberal ‘activists’ loot, raid, and destroy downtown businesses and assault police.

But Chicago takes the cake. A new disturbing investigation by USA Today this week found that Cook County in Chicago has seen homicides spike by a whopping 52% compared to the same time frame last year.

What’s more is that this second largest county in the country has seen more homicides already this year than in all of 2019, and still with months to go. Alarmingly this includes dozens of children under 10 who were gunned down, often in gang-related cross fire incidents, according to police records.

USA Today wrote that among the jump in 2020 homicides, the majority, as much as “95% – were people of color, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office announced this week.”

Chicago witnessed also the single largest mass shooting in recent history this summer — though one might not have noticed by major media network coverage, or lack thereof — when 15 people were shot at a funeral.

One community anti-crime activists cited in USA Today, Katya Nuques, said that COVID-19 combined with rampant unemployment is taking its toll: “Facing illnesses, facing deaths, facing also the higher rates of unemployment and loss of income in our communities has also, unfortunately, played a role in the levels of violence we’ve seen throughout the year,” she said.

Unbelievable! You can rest assured that Sleepy Joe Biden and his Band of Merry Socialists won’t be able to turn the tides of destruction and despair.

Hopefully we can see another four years of President Trump and get America Back To Great Again!

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