“They Literally Just Make Things Up…Tweet It, Then Cities Burn Down” – BLM 100% Lie About PA Police Shooting Just To Start A Riot

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On Sunday, the city of Lancaster, P.A. was terrorized by inflamed BLM rioters over 100% manufactured information. After a police-involved shooting took place, rumors immediately swarmed social media well before any factual information had been released by police.

Had you only relied on the swirling rumors, you would have believed that crazed police committed a drive-by style execution of an unarmed autistic kid playing on the sidewalk.

Maybe the attempted murder of two L.A. sheriffs wasn’t enough. Maybe “justice” and “accountability” are just lip service BLM provides to make them appear to be on the moral side of the debate. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that facts really haven’t mattered to BLM rioters when it comes to justifying assaults on police and burning down cities.

The unarmed child rumored to be murdered by police ended up really being a knife wielding, 27-year-old male known for domestic abuse. Not only that, it’s clear in the released body cam footage that the man immediately chased the officer in a craze!


Sure looked like a grown, bearded, knife-wielding man to me.

It didn’t matter. The damage had already been done. The call to violence and anger had already rung out. The progressive, snowflake militants making up the ranks of the BLM “movement” had already primed themselves for the burning of our nation.

And thus Lancaster fell victim to the baseless rumor mill that is social media:

And burned for the lies of an anti-police terror group:

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