‘Oppressed’ Black NFL Player Can’t Get By On Millions, So He Scammed PPP Loans And Blew Millions More On Gambling And Luxury Items

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Oh, the injustices of the luxurious life. Professional football and basketball players have a real tough job raking in those millions and trying to figure out how to make ends meet in their extravagant homes.

Can you imagine the shame they must feel, wearing last years Rolex watch? Or the guilt that they can only afford a $5 million dollar home? My heart goes out to these poor souls.

We can’t all have it easy like the cold-hearted, militant cops (sarcasm)! No, most of us Americans are struggling from the economic devastation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thank God we have the Paycheck Protection Program to help prevent a complete collapse of our economy. Hard-working middle-class American’s simply wouldn’t have jobs right now without it.

Nor would (now former) New York Jets wide receiver Josh Bellamy.

Thankfully, Bellamy was able to SCAM benefit from $1.2 million in funding from the PPP. Of course he used the funds to pay bills and put groceries on the table, right?

NO! Bellamy used the money to purchase over $104,000 in luxury goods from Dior, Bucci and other jewelers. He also spent $62,774 in loan money at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and withdrew more than $300,000.

But he who is without sin cast the first stone. We can’t judge a morally upright NFL player for a tiny accident. At least not while he’s busy being a social justice warrior, taking a knee to combat the police brutality and genocide running rampant in American streets.

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