BREAKING: DC Police Kill Black Teen ARMED With A Gun, BLM Starts Angry Protest Anyway

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At this point, the Black Lives Matter activists don’t even care about the “unarmed” part of the equation. Any black man shot by police is a “tragedy” worth rioting for, no matter the situation.

Earlier today a police officer reportedly shot and killed a black teen in Washington DC:

WAPO – A D.C. police officer shot and killed a young man Wednesday afternoon in Southeast Washington’s Congress Heights neighborhood, the District’s police chief said.

The incident occurred shortly before 4 p.m. in the 200 block of Orange Street SE.

Relatives identified the person killed as Deon Kay, who turned 18 last month. He lived with his mother about a half-mile from where he was shot.

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham, cautioning that the investigation was just beginning, said officers with the 7th District were acting on information about a vehicle and weapons. When officers approached the vehicle, Newsham said, some people ran.

The chief did not say whether one or more officers fired or what prompted police to shoot.

Newsham said two firearms were recovered at the scene and two people were arrested. Asked by a woman at the scene whether Kay was unarmed, he said that would be determined in the investigation but “we believe the suspect had a gun at the time.”

Two guns were recovered at the scene and police say he was armed, but people are still outraged apparently. Never let a fake crisis go to waste!

So now this police shooting is the impetus for a riotess protest in DC going on right now in the seventh police district. I say riotess because I don’t think it’s devolved into a full blown riot yet, but you’ll understand what I mean when you see this video.

Fox News just showed a calm crowd a few moments ago of around 150 people, according to their reporter on the ground. But if this video is any indication, Trump better mobilize the National Guard ASAP because this could go the way of Kenosha.

These BLMers are already trying to get rid of the media and you know what that means. They don’t want to be caught!

I found a video of these thugs harassing a black officer. These people have no soul:

There are other videos of them shouting BLM slogans and what not but I won’t bore you with those. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning to headlines of a full-blown riot in DC though. I hope that doesn’t happen, but these days it’s more likely than not.

Here’s a live stream I found that you can watch if you like:

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